How to be Successful in Life (Infographic)

How to be Successful in Life (Infographic)

Bayan Maulana by Bayan Maulana on 16 August 2018 0 33540 views

I think you will agree if I say:

“It is very hard to be successful in life.”

The good news,

To achieve success in life, it's not as difficult as you might think if you knew the keys.

In this article, you will learn all the things you need to know about how to achieve success in life faster than you think.

Let’s dive right in.


Everyone want to be successful in life and learns about the keys to success. 

Everyone wants to be happy, healthy life, do meaningful work, and financial independence. 

Everyone wants to make a difference in the world, to be significant, have a positive impact on those around them. 

Everyone wants to do something beautiful in life.

Over and over, I have found that the key to success is one piece of information, one idea at the right time, in the right situation, then changing your life. 

I also learned that the great truth is simple.

Here are the 8 keys to success in life that you can apply right now:

How to be success in life


1. Wake Up Early

The same thing is obtained by successful people and people who fail is TIME 24 hours a day.

The difference between them are:

Successful people use their time for productive things, while people who fail to spend their time for vain.

Successful people always increasing their quality every single day, while failed people are busy entertaining themselves with temporary pleasures such as playing games all day long.

Successful people always wake up early, by getting up early many things can be done.

If you want to be successful, get up early so that more things can be done.

Here's the advice from the CEO of Alibaba, Jack Ma:

Jack Ma Quotes


How to wake up early?

Mel Robbins has written a awesome book about “5 Second Rule”.

This book has helped more than 100 thousand people in 80 countries to get up early in the morning.

Awesome right?

The good news,

You don't have to buy the book, just watch the following video until finish and start applying the "5 Second Rule" every single morning for 3 months.

And you will be surprised if you wake up early every single day in the morning.

Wacth this video:




A few months ago Brian Tracy, CEO of Brian Tracy International, describes a technique for setting targets called "SMART GOALS".

Smart Goals are very, very, very huge techniques for set your goals.


How to use it correctly?

How important is its contribution to success?

Let’s dive right in,

SMART GOALS is defined as a target with specific criteria - criteria that are easy to remember by using the SMART acronym.

It might sound complicated, but it isn't.

Pay attention to the following picture for more details:

Smart Goals


Let me explain one by one:


#1. Specific

Goals or good targets are not ambiguous. Instead, you must have clear and concise goals that you can set.


Instead of saying "I want to have a better body", you can say "I want to lose five pounds this month".

You can see how the last example is much more specific, that's a better target.


#2. Measurable

Tracking the progress of your goal is an important part of keeping you motivated.

It allows you to set milestones that you can celebrate when you meet them and reevaluate when you don’t.

It’s a good idea, then, to always have some aspect of your goal that can be measured and evaluated.


#3. Achievable

Far too many people fall into the trap of setting impossible goals for themselves.

While impossible goals may push you forward for a while, you will almost certainly end up giving up on them at some point in the future.

Instead of impossible, your goals should be challenging yet achievable.

Before you set a goal, make sure that you can actually envision yourself achieving it.


#4. Relevant

Not all goals are as worthwhile as others.

Unless your goal is relevant to your overall plan for your life, achieving it may not accomplish anything.

In order to ensure that your goal is beneficial, make sure that it is worth your time, make sure that achieving it will provide positive benefits to your life, and make sure that this goal aligns to at least some degree with the other goals you have.


#5. Timely

Good goals need to have a target time attached to them.

For example, rather than saying “I want to start reading more books” you could say “I want to read twelve books in the next six months”.

You can see how the person who set that second goal will be much more motivated to succeed since they have a target date in mind for their goal.


3. Raise Your Standards

You are already know successful people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Jack Ma always raise their standards.

It's impossible for you to be successful in life if you don't raise your standards.

To raise your standards, you need action. If you want to raise your standards without action, there is no chance for you to go to the next level.

Tony Robbins has provided a formula how to raise your standards.

Here’s how:

To raise your standards. It starts with turning your “shoulds” into “musts”.

It might sound complicated, but it really isn't.

How many times have you told yourself what you “should” do?

I should lose weight.

I should be more confident.

I should earn more money.

I should have a more passionate relationship.

Usually you always say it at the beginning of the year, but a few months later you don't do anything.


Simple, because you don't force yourself to do it.

Let's change the list above to be as follows:

I must lose weight.

I must be more confident.

I must earn more money.

I must have a more passionate relationship.

When you raise your standards and turn “should” into “must,” you are making an inner shift to take control over the quality of your life.

Any area you are not getting what you want is because you haven’t raised your standards.


4. Get out of your comfort zone

Many of us try to feel comfortable. Get out of comfort zone can create real fear. 

You might worry that stepping out and doing something you always want to do or reach more can make your comfort threatened. 

You may risk your fixed income or lifestyle. You might not be able to get a 65" flat screen TV with surround sound. 

If you let your comfort zone become a prison, you must know that it works against you, not for you.

So how do you get out of your comfort zone?

Think of times when you took the opportunity and succeeded. 

Remember how victory feels and how valuable it is to achieve a goal. 

Chances are, this is the time when you step out of your comfort zone. 

Please remember that taking risks and being brave are not the same as being careless. 

I never suggested that you be careless. 

But I know that life is often best lived in your comfort zone. 

Turning fear into excitement and anticipation is another way to use it as fuel for your success.


5. Change Your Mindset

Tim Grover former personal trainer Michael Jordan said:

Tim Grover Quotes

Correct, The body has limits, but the mind does not.

If you think your mind has limits, that means you have to change your mindset.

If you continue to think your mind has limits, then you will also limit yourself to continue to grow.

If you look around you, you will see there are many people who achieve great things with limited physical strength.

Nick Vujicic for example, was born no arms and legs. However, he can almost do everything normal people do.

Nick Vujicic also has a beautiful wife, Kanae Miyahara.

Watch This Video:


What is mindset?

Mindset is the program results that you have experienced or received so far from your parents, school, culture, and environment.

It might sound complicated, but it really isn't.

Let's be clear,

In other words, the mindset is the amount of your knowledge, including beliefs and thoughts about the world and includes yourself. 

This is your filter for the information you get and what you apply. So the mindset determines how you receive information and react.

By default, your mindset is formed from what you feel right now.


If you are currently sick, you will think "I can't work because I'm sick".

That's the default human mindset.

Did you know, successful people never think like that.

If Nick Vujicic thinks like he is currently experiencing,

Can he walk?

Can he swim?

Can he succeed?

Can he have a beautiful wife like Kanae Miyahara?

If he thinks as he experienced at that time, then he will think "I can't do anything because I don't have arms and legs".

But Nick actually thought otherwise "I can do anything, even though I don't have arms and legs".

Such is the mindset of a winner.

If you want to be a winner, change your mindset right now!.


6. Read More Books

You don't live long enough to know everything yourself. And how futile your life would be if you tried and failed to get the lesson.

There are many things you need to learn to succeed, and you don't have to learn all the secrets to success from your own personal experience.

Because it will take a lot of your time.

If you want to succeed quickly, read more books.

There are many books out there, and you don't have to read all the books.

You only need to read more books about the problems that you need to solve.

For example, if you often have problems with managing time. Read a lot of books about time management.

Simple right?

Tai Lopez, a successful Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author who owns the most prestigious car garage in America, reads 1 book per day and has read more than 5000 books.

Now he has one of the largest book clubs in the world with 1.4 million people in 40 countries.

Bill Gates, read about 50 books a year.

Mark Cuban, read more than 3 hours a day.

Mark Zuckerberg, decided to read a book every two weeks throughout 2015.

Oprah Winfrey, choose one of her favorite books every month for her Club Book members to read and discuss.

If you pay attention to the habits of successful people, they are excellent readers.

If you want to be as successful as them, read more books.


7. Focus on PROCESS, than RESULTS

One of humanity's greatest discoveries is the law of cause and effect.

Notice I use the word "law" above, the word law means to apply to anything and to anyone.

Like the law of gravity, it doesn't matter whether you are rich, poor, eastern, western. You still fall to the ground.

That is what is meant by law.

Process are causes, and results are effect.

If you focus on results, then you will be a Money Oriented person.

Money-oriented people are difficult to succeed. Even if success will not last long. Because they tend to ignore QUALITY.

Successful people always focus on the process, in other words focusing on building quality.

Successful people always improve their quality every day. Because they knows "Success is not something to pursued, but something they attract by becoming attractive person."

Here's what Jim Rohn said:

Jim Rohn Quote

“Success not something you pursue. What you pursue will elude you. It can be like trying to chase butterflies. Success is something you attract by becoming attractive person.”

Watch the following video for more details:


8. Self Discipline

Tai Lopez said:

“To be successful in life, hard work is not enough”

Yes, to achieve success, hard work is not enough. If success only requires hard work, maybe all construction workers are successful.

Because of that, it takes high discipline to achieve your goals.

Discipline is about consistency, commitment, perseverance, and includes hard work.

Consistency is about "persisting even though the results have not been seen."

If you go to the Gym and do some exercises, then go back home and look at the mirror.

What do you see?

Nothing right?

The next day you go back to the gym and do some exercises, then go back home and look at the mirror.

What do you see?

Nothing right?

Is it because there is no change in your body, you stop go to the gym in the first 2 weeks?

Of course not right?

That is what is called "CONSISTENT".

If you want to get the results you want, you have to be disciplined.

In other words, you should be committed, consistent, persistent, and hard work.

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